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Thursday, 3 March 2011

SlothBoogie Guestmix #013 - The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club

We first 'discovered' The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club completely by accident... wading around on soundcloud with our discometer out. It just so happened that one day we had the bpm set very low and we uncovered the SPDSC and the beautiful Marwencol track. We've posted and re-posted it on several occasions but in case you've still not heard it here it is again...:

The Saint-Petersburg Disco Spin Club: Marwencol by SPDSC

We kept in touch and we felt it was time to get the SPDSC some more exposure after hearing a few more of their great mixes by getting them on board to contribute a mix to the SlothBoogie series.
If you want to know more about the SPDSC you can read our interview right down at the bottom.
So here we go folks strap in for a lovely spacey journey alongside the lovely Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club.

The Saint Petersburg Disco Spin Club — SlothBoogie Mix by SPDSC

The Early Years:
What got you hooked on music?

My parents sent me to music school when i was 4 years old to study piano. Actually at that time i was hooked on toy cars more... Only later, when i was 12 and heard "Surfer Rose"'s track "Something Against You" by The Pixies i thought to myself: "I can do the same". 
So i bought myself first guitar, and just before practising enough to play well I started to compose my own songs. I have a notebook somewhere, there are about 400 songs in russian and english.

What were your early influences?
I love the beginning and middle of the 90s. That was the time of my most impressive influences. You know, 1991 was the desintegration of USSR and immediately after that movies / music / culture / arts / books / comix / pc games started to flood into Russia. It was really a big difference in what we got in the late 80s and started getting in early 90s. I remember the first time my father was playin a game called "Wolf"... i was standing near and i was so impressed that my leg started to twitch!
The first band that influenced me just as much were: Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Nirvana. I was listening to Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation" and I had no idea what they looked like, so i had to write letters to some friends around the country or to some magazines to find people who had their photos. You know, it was amazing time. Ha-ha

What pushed you towards the slow mo, deeper end of the spectrum?
I don't know how to explain it, during last 8 years I was involved in many styles of music but in my productions its always some jazz, soul and slo-mo. I don't know why. I never listened soul or jazz much, but when i'm sitting with my akai 1000 in my hands and i'm hearing some soul track, i just want to cut it and make my own edit or track.
I just like the sounds, never thought anything on it. I just do what comes naturally....

What other music do you listen to?
I think my favorite bands are Jaga Jazzist, Pulp, Sonic Youth, The Pixies, Death Cab For Cutie,R.E.M., Radiohead, Weezer, Gentle Giant... i'm not listening to much music nowdays, only in vinyl record stores to get some new stuff to play or on soundcloud to get some new music for podcasts or to play sometimes on CD.
The biggest things that i was impressed was Taiko Mochi Records EP with two tracks by Tomas Malo and Dead Rose Music Company. The sound is so huge... Amazing stuff. I have used 2 tracks in my the SlothBoogie Guestmix.

Is disco big in Russia? 
Where are the big disco hot spots and where should people be looking out for it?
In the 80's disco was really big in Russia, but it was everywhere. Nowdays i can't say anything about it. Cause we don't have too many clubs and artists here to get our own disco platform. There are some really cool guys and cool parties. Fanik & Chance trying their best to provie really good artists to Druzhba bar, they have brought many artists here (The Revenge, El Harvo, Hunee and much much more), Escapizmo & Paraplan Radio promo groups providing best music to the dancefloors and i'm always trying not to miss their parties, Dom Beat is amazing place, i love Jesus club myself. Some new cool places are opening soon or just have opened. I have big hopes for Folks Bar (will play with DJ Ionik Traveller Records, Kojak Giant Sounds on 19th March there) and for Mishka bar.

Who else is going to be amazing coming out of Russia and who else should our readers keep an eye out for?
You know we have a joke now: "Russians are coming". But this is true! You must keep an eye on Pompeya, SE62, Lay-Far, All That Pitched Down aka Arseny Nasonov, Vakula, Volta Cab, iWhy, Tipo, Lipelis, Tripmastaz, Russian Adults...

The SPDSC: Who is behind the name?
Just one guy from Saint Petersburg, i think my real name does not matter... I came to Solo Way Records studio to record "Love Spin" and "Marwencol" in late October, and Sasha (the owner, sound producer, sound engineer) said: "Have you got a title for your tracks?"
And I named it these five words. I don't know why.

What was your first big break / chance of success?
Ooooh... I just have uploaded 2 tracks to soundcloud and suddenly had positive reactions from Max Essa, The C90s, Dead Rose Music Company, Villa and some other great guys.
Dead Rose Music Company signed "Love Spin" and "I Need to Have You Next to Me" to their Taiko Mochi label to release on 12".
Roma Filippov (aka FILQ) signed "Marwencol" on his Shanti Records to release on 12" EP and then "My Friends" with Rick Wade, Anton Zap and Lay-Fair the records coming soon so let's see how things go.
I have some requests from other great labels, I'm keeping quiet about those right now though, just keep an eye on my soundcloud. ;) 
When track is signed i put it on soundcloud page. Also i'll be doing an amazing collaboration with a great duo from London... i love the guys and after we will finish it i'll tell you who these guys are... 
(No prizes for guessing who... :)

Tell us about the Marwencol tracks... What does it mean?
"Marwencol" is imaginary city... You can read about it here http://www.marwencol.com
I was impressed by this story and decided to call my track the same name as the city.

What was the idea behind making the super slow mo?
No idea. I just heard The Charmels "as Long as I've Got You" and i thought that this sample would be amazing for my track.
Original tempo is 86 so i have left it the same...
The funny thing is that i hadn't heard Wu-Tang's Clan track "C.R.E.A.M." and they used this samples long before I did. When I told this to Danny from The C90s he couldn't stop laughing.

Tell us about the Guestmix you've given us... its very hypnotic and we love it!
What were you aiming for with it?

I'm always trying to collect some good stuff from my friends to make interesting mixes. I used some old stuff here too. I can't explain. I have done what I felt at that time.
I just wanted to say big up to all my friends who shared tracks for this mix with me.
Love you guys: Dead Rose Music Company, Tomas Malo, Lipelis, Volta Cab, Lay-Far, Russian Adults, iWhy, Tipo, MannMadeMusic.

What are you working on now?
I'm working on new tracks for 3 labels right now. I need to finish 2 more for Taiko Mochi Records, and i have in-progress tracks for 2 more labels.
As i have said I'm keeping quiet on it all... :)

Can we get a sneek peek clip of the next SPDSC track?
No, sorry! I'm always trying to finish the work before sharing with anyone.
I'll finish some stuff in next 2 weeks. Drop me a line and i'll give you some snippets.

What have you got planned for the future of SPDSC then?
I have got some forthcoming releases as i have said before, i want to make a little live band for playing some of my tracks live sometime, plus i'm really interested in a DJ-career. I want to travel to see new cities and countries.
To tell you the truth i was on the other side of music for a long time, so i'm really excited about things that are happening right now!

01. Volta Cab — What it Feels Like [forthcoming on The House Of Disco]02. Dead Rose Music Company — A Surprise for Sophie [Low Slung]
03. Lay-Far — R is for Rokit [unreleased]
04. iWhy — Obevan [unreleased]
05. Russian Adults — Your Luck Is Not Forever [unsigned]
06. Lipelis — So Lonely [unreleased]
07. MannMadeMusic — Nobody else [unreleased]
08. Jayson Brothers — All My Life [MCDE]
09. Tomas Malo — We're Gonna Make It [Taiko Mochi Records]
10. Tipo — On & On [unreleased]
11. John Daly — Reach [Drumpoet Community]
12. Lay-Far — Triptych [unreleased]
13. Rick Wade — Sexy Rostov [Shanti Records]
14. Dead Rose Music Company — Feels Good [Taiko Mochi Records]
15. Wavetest — Schmusiman [Drumpoet Community]
16. Anton Lymarev — Let Me Explain It [unreleased]
17. Theo Parrish — Moonlight [Sound Signature]

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