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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Magician - Oki-Ni Mix and Tee Shirt

You know you must be doing something right when one of the coolest fashion stores comes after you for an exclusive mix and a limited edition Tshirt!
An that's exactly what's happened to all round nice guy The Magician as he's put together this set for Oki-Ni.
Find out more info on it and buy the tee shirt here.

  oki-ni presents BEANS by The Magician by TheMagician

Games Strawberry : "Skies"
Beautiful Swimmers : "Big Coast"
Sheer Taft : "Cascade"
HEALTH : "In Heat" (Javelin Mix)
Larry Paul Emmet : "Evita"
Junior Byron : "Dance To The Music"
The Duke Of Burlington : "Flash 83" (Dub)
Heaven 17 : "Let Me Go"
Videovison : "Anybody" (Another Version)
Out Of Control : "What Cha' Gonna Do"
Celophane : "Music Colours"
The Aikiu : "The Red Kiss" (The Magician's Precious 80s Dub)
Loui$ : "Pink Footpath"
Expensives :"Life Without You"
It's Immaterial : "Driving Away From Home"


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