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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Joey Negro - The Soul of Disco Vol.3

One of the guys we've been a big fan of for ages is Joey Negro... real name Dave Lee! Before most DJs could even toddle Joey Negro was cutting up Disco and Funk samples into his House productions and is now one seriously sought after dude! He's produced under so many monikers throughout the years : Jakatta, Sessomato, the Hed Boys, Doug Willis, Raven Maize, The Sunburst Band and Z Factor.
Anyways he's unleashing the next volume in The Soul Of Disco series on 28th February and we are highly recommending it!

"Conceptually, the Soul of Disco albums are about showcasing the blacker, funkier end of the disco spectrum where the 4/4 groove collided with the musical sensibility of Philly and Motown. Many will probably be unfamiliar with the acts included here but people can sometimes forget that when disco was king it was mainly the likes Village People and Donna Summer that was heard on most dance floors and many of these tracks (on small indie labels) didn't get played outside the hardcore underground clubs."


1. Jackie Stoudemire – Invisible Wind
2. Full Body - You Got Me Dancing (Joey Negro Edit)
3. The J’s – When Did You Stop
4. Loi – Body Contact
5. Sanctuary – Disco Discouraged (Joey Negro Edit)
6. Board of Directors – Hanging Tough
7. Project – Love Rescue
8. Truth - International Dancing
9. Park Avenue – Looking Ahead
10. Kocky - Just Keep On Dancing
11. Gloster Williams & Master Control – No Cross, No Crown

CD 2
1. Sir James Randolph – Sho’ Is Good (Joey Negro Edit)
2. The Hippolytes – Blow You Out Tonight
3. Larry Hart – Goin’ Up In Smoke
4. Hot Ice – Dancing Free (Joey Negro Edit)
5. Ronnie Barron – I Can Give It To You
6. Phenomenal – One Two Three (Come See About Me)
7. Steven Abdul Kahn – Gotta Have Your Loving
8. Evans Pyramid – The Dip Drop
9. Chailo – Lets Skate
10. Loveman Ronnie Stokes – Touch You Again
11. The Softones & First Class – Candy


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