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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Greg Wilson's Random Influences

Greg Wilson's amazing 'Random Influences' series will be drawing to an end soon so lets take a look back at some real gems from his long running career.

Launched on his 50th birthday, Greg compiled a celebratory selection of 7” singles from his formative years. Covering the 60’s through to the mid-70’s, when he started out as a fresh-faced 15 year old club DJ, these records embody the soundtrack of his youth.

With running times of approximately 2 hours, the 12 individual monthly parts will conclude in a full day’s worth of music. Having only pre-determined the opening and closing tracks, Greg will select the rest as he goes along, moving in whatever direction his mood takes him at that given moment. The title, ‘Random Influences’, reflects this arbitrary approach.

  Latest tracks by Random Influences


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