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Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Mix Mania : With Love - Summer Lovin'

Now its no secret that it's still bloody freezing in the UK which puts us still in the grips of winter but over in Australia they are enjoying some sweet rays as their summer is in full swing. All in all it makes for some pretty happy music and this With Love - Summer Lovin' mixtape is a little slice of the Ozzy sunny shenanigans.

  With Love - Summer Lovin' by _withlovexx

PS this dudes artwork is so cool!



  1. Yews. Thanks for the support.

    LOVE the blog!

  2. Brilliant vibe to this mix, will be smashing all summer long :)

  3. I have had the pleasure of seeing With Love live on a few occasions and his ability to read the crowd is 2nd to none. Will be listening to all summer long.

  4. i heard this guy is half of flight facilities, any truth?

  5. Wow, a r3al sham3 you can't buy half decent dj'ing ability on beatport as w3ll. Otherwise you'd be all s3Tt!