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Thursday, 26 May 2011

SlothBoogie 2.0

Some of you guys may have noticed that theres been like noooo updates over here for a while...
Well thats because we've upgraded our shit and moved over to a flashy wordpress site.
Come and join in on all the funtimez on the new and sexually improved SlothBoogie.com

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sunny April Mixtape Madness : Part Deux

You guys seemed to enjoy the last round of mixtapes that I posted and seeing as its Friday tomorrow here at SlothBoogie we are bound by Choon Law to provide a friday mix mania.
However there is a bit of a hitch... well... a royal hitch so I'll be out and about instead of desk bound.
Long story short this means you get another mix mania now!

Kicking us off with a late late March mix upload is Penguin Prison...

  Penguin Prison March 2011 Mix by Penguin Prison

If it's been made by the Revenge then we pretty much always post it... Here's one he's done for the Red Bull guys:

  Red Bull Music Academy Train Wreck Mix by The Revenge

Greg Wilson always does a good job too...

  DEX TERRACE BRIXTON 24.04.11 (greg wilson live mix) by gregwilson

The Compost Black Label Show is always a great one on hot days... Loving the track at the end of the mix too:

  CBLS 097 - Compost Black Label Sessions Radio - guestmix by Philipp Stoya by compost

Been a long time fan of Kolombo's mixes and here is his latest one... definitly good to get ready to go out to:

  Kolombo djset may2011 by kolombo

CHMMR - Kanke Faux Alt Du Peker Paa (Telephones Remix)

Loved the Telephones - Kanal track on the new Mickey mixtape so did a little digging and found this nice little synth nugget that they've done for the CHMMR special 10 year editions thats out on Relish now.

  Chmmr - Kanke Faux Alt Du Peker Paa (Telephones Remix) by Telephones

Oh and here's that Kanal track again just cause its so good...

  Telephones - Kanal by Telephones


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Houses - Reds (Video)

Ultimate chill out kings Houses have got a new video for one of their tracks, Reds.
Catch it below.
Ice sculptures were made using a series of handmade clay molds. Soldering irons were used for details. Lighting was solely provided by T.V.'s/Christmas Lights. Filmed all practically, NO CGI, in a normal two car garage for a little over $200 dollars.


Tronik Youth - I Know

Tronik Youth has a new Ep coming out on May 9th called I Know.
To celebrate we decided to get him down to the infamous Horse & Groom for a little disc jockeying session.
Join the Facebook here and we shall see you soon!

  Tronik Youth - I Know package by tronikyouth


Holy Ghost! - Wait & See (Video)

Check out the new video for Holy Ghost! - Wait & See which features their very own papas.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Win Win - Victim (Gigamesh Remix)

Here's a saweeeeet remix from Gigamesh of Win Win - Victim.
I've just made the mistake of putting this on just before bedtime here in the UK and will now be putting it on repeat a few times before being unable to sleep!
You've been warned... its insomnia good.

The GDD boys sure got a swoop with this one!


Sunny April Mixtape Madness

We're getting pretty bombarded all over the place here with people's April mixes...
We're ducking and diving but here's a few that have caught our eye over the bank holiday:


  Cosmonauts-April Top Ten Mix by Cosmonauts

Figures-Velo (Cosmonauts Italia '90 Remix)_RUSSELL CLUB
Kelton Prima-Vacuum Phenomenon (Johnny Paguro)_PIZZICO NOBEL
Cosmonauts-Chickens In Milan_SUPER TROOPER
Larry Tiger-Eagle_EDITAINMENT
Alphabet City-Feels Like_UNDER THE SHADE
78 Edits-Wanting You (78s Faraway Dub)_GIANT CUTS
Golden Bug-Sex Beat (Mustang Instrumental)_MV1
Alphabet City-Feels Like (Downtown Party Network)_UNDER THE SHADE
Ruben & Ra-Newer Shooz_RETRO 001


  Cassian's XOX MiniMix for Kiss FM by cassian

1. Keep On Keepin' On - Chopstick & Johnjon Feat Fritz Kalkbrenner
2. Reginald's Groove (Classixx Remix) - Cosmic Kids
3. Groove Me (Rory Phillips Remix) - Maximum Balloon
4. Yeah (Mikey Remix) - Beni
5. Nymphae Song (Louis La Roche Modernized Edit) - Le Knight Club
6. Nightmoves - Space Ranger Feat Captn K
7. Want You In My Soul (Hot Toddy Dub) - Lovebirds
8. All I Heard (Cassian Remix) - Mitzi
9. Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Krystal Klear




  Mickey-April Mixtape by Mickey

2.I Like What You're Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix) -Cassian
3.Twist-Peter & the Magician
4.Rue De Rome - Cecile Remix -Munk
5.K & Big V - Original Mix-Stopmakingme
6.Reginald's groove(Classixx rmx)-Cosmic kids
7.West Gothic Climax - Dana Bergquist Remix-Drop Out Orchestra
8.Cold As Ice - Louie Fresco Remix -Modern Amusement
9.Iron (Remix By Gucci Vump)-Woodkid
10.Chiketere - Etienne De Crecy Remix -The Disco Villains
11.I wont let go_Mustang remix -Monarchy
12.This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)-Talking Heads


  MUSTANG APRIL 11 MIXTAPE by Mustang (Official)

Locussolus : Next To You - Original Mix
Golden Bug : Sex Beat (Mustang Instrumental Remix)
Coma : Fameless
Sia : Cloud (Plastic Plates Remix)
Azari & III : Hungry For The Power (Art Department Remix)
Golden Bug & Mustang : Soap Opera (Hannulelauri Remix)
Mitzi : Morning Light (Softwar Dub)
Casio Social Club : The Running Man
Cassian : Nobody (Mitzi Remix)
In Flagranti : Worse For Wear (Punks Jump Up Remix)
Egyptrixx : Chrysalis Records (feat Trust)


Yuksek "On A Train" (The Magician Remix)

After the hype from the Twist collaboration that hit the internet airwaves this month its time to ramp up for Yuksek's very own On A Train release. Enter The Magician for a ploddy, pianoey remix.
Out on May 2nd.

  Yuksek "On A Train" (The Magician Remix) by TheMagician


Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Ernesto - Changed (John Talabot Private Mix)

I'm a huuuuuge fan of John Talabot and Mario Basanov so when I saw that JT was remixing Mario's latest track with Vidis I got pretty excited.
John Talabot turns in another lovely bit of sunshine infused balerica to get lost in and our Aussie homies Future Classic are putting it out soon.

  Mario Basanov & Vidis feat. Ernesto - Changed (John Talabot Private Mix) by John Talabot